Why Pray?

From the moment we come into this world we cry out, longing for protection and connection. We are designed that way to get our needs met. We cry and are comforted by the loving embrace from our mother, our father, or even a stranger. We are soothed by the sound of their soft and reassuring voice, and warmed by the blanket they wrap securely around us.

As we grow, our ability to meet our needs improves from crying out to speaking out, when we express how we feel, think, and act. This is considered healthy, especially if we are cared for by someone who loves unconditionally and responds with great consideration and care. It is clear that at the center of our being is the longing to be loved; to be nurtured by someone who gives us hope, comfort, strength, and courage.

Sadly, in this broken world, we often find ourselves disconnected from that kind of love and care from others. We are often challenged to find a sense belonging in our human relationships and we are discouraged when our needs are responded to with indifference or sarcasm. At times, we feel isolated; that we are alone in a despair that no one can truly relate to or understand. Since we are designed to pursue connection and unconditional love, it leaves us confused and discouraged when it is lacking. We are left wanting. Most significantly, it disrupts the drive to cry out in hope that someone will hear us and actually care.

Friend, in that moment, in our heartache, confusion, despondence or distress, we have forgotten who created us. We fail to recognize that God has been alongside us from the very beginning, waiting to be our source of comfort and our strength. He longs to hear from us. He is waiting for us to turn to him and cry out our need for him; trusting him to be the answer for all things.

Lord, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you. (Psalm 88:1 NIV)

I cry out to God Most High, to God, who vindicates me. (Psalms 57:2 NIV)

We belong to the Lord. He created us and longs to have a deep meaningful relationship with us, “for we are God’s handiwork” (Ephesians 2:10 NIV). He longs for connection with us – to be our hope, to show us love. In fact, he allows for direct conversation with him through prayer. Yet, circumstances challenge the truth that God is good, that he cares about us and wants good for our lives. Hardships and discouragements have us focusing down on our problems, keeping us from looking up to the God who saves. The best way to sense his goodness, to seek his counsel for our lives, to rest in his grace for comfort, to find purpose and to grow in his love, is through sincere prayer. Prayer is a blessing and gift from God directly to you.

Our Lord is called, “Mighty Counselor,” “Prince of Peace,” among so many other powerful titles and with good reason. Sense and reason become clear, wisdom grows, when we open our life to Jesus, especially in prayer. There is greatness in this holy spiritual communication. Even if you are not completely invested in it, perhaps doubtful or uncertain of its effects, the simple act of submitting yourself to the Lord in reverent prayer can have immediate results. It can bring peace to your weary soul and even launch immediate answers, usually from an unexpected source. Sometimes we pray and have to be patient, trust in his promises, and wait. That doesn’t change the fact that we are connected to our God who is always at work, in and around us. Comfort will be found in the waiting and faith will grow, if you are open to it. We must trust him always. Be mindful that we don’t have his perspective. What seems like a lack of action, could be the perfect response to the need we have in that moment, not necessarily the want.

It’s time to stop everything and start praying. Give it a try. At this very moment stop all wondering, worrying, planning and ask God into your life – Don’t be afraid to cry out to him. Like a perfect and loving father, he won’t ignore your cries, but will come to comfort you. He will wrap his grace around you and bring you peace. Open your heart share everything. Ask for forgiveness of sin, known or unknown. Ask for wisdom, clarity or whatever you are seeking or needing. If you are fearful, share that truth with the Lord. Once expressed, fear loses its hold on you in God’s presence. You are now praying to the God of all creation! It is deep and meaningful. In reverence and submission, lay it all down before him. Trust him with everything because he cares about YOU! That’s right, God loves you!

I am certain, without a doubt, God will meet you right where you are and will make Himself known to you. He will help you to see him working in your life. Allow yourself the blessing of growing through a healthy prayer life. What have you got to lose? I dare you to try to prove me wrong.

The choice is yours.

Prayer: My Lord, My God, You are holy. You are worthy of all praise! I lift up my sisters and brothers who reach out to you in prayer, asking you be gracious to them and give them the hope they desperately need. Strengthen their faith as they take time to rest in You, Lord. As it is written: Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress (Isaiah 33:2 NIV). Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your saving grace.

In Him, I pray – Amen

Please feel free to let me know how I can pray for you!

For confidential inquiries please email me at: dear.maria@mjrodero.com

Published by mjrodero

A Christian author with a deep faith in Jesus and sincere belief in His awesome salvation! The power of prayer in her life has been so uplifting and life changing, she hopes to help others recognize the amazing gift the Lord gives by allowing us all to connect to Him directly through prayer. Writing Awards: 1st Place Poetry Winner, Published Author Category - 2015 Colorado Christian Writer's Conference - 2016 Short Story Winner entitled, Payback, published in - Tales of our Lives: Fork in the Road, from womensmemoirs.com

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