Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

At the request of many I am posting this prayer. If ever there was a time to call our faith into action, it is now. Please consider praying for our Nation and Christians being persecuted around the world:

The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.

Nahum 1:7 ESV

Gracious God,

You are holy. You are mighty, awesome in power and mercy. You are worthy of all praise! I think about the enormity of who and what You are and am overcome with my own meekness and humility. Lord, I recognize that our very existence, our purpose, and the balance of the entire world, rests in the palm of your hand. Lord, I do trust in your plan for the unfolding of the lives of all Christians and the future of this world and beyond. I am grateful for this truth, for You are mighty, gracious, and merciful. I acknowledge your omniscience, your sovereignty and hope to honor You with my faith in You, my prayers and my trust. Your will be done, Lord.

Lord, we humble ourselves before you as we pray for our country in this time of breakdown. Help us all to turn to You for the answers on how to stop the insanity of our time. We are grateful to live in a country that offers equality for all, which is professed in its very foundation, and for the intended freedom that “a nation under God” is meant to provide. We long to live in a land that holds true to fairness, equality, respect, courtesy, generosity, and morality, but our hearts are troubled to see how rapidly all of this is deteriorating. Lord, there is so much social unrest, irrational behaviors by many, name calling and blame given to those with opposing opinions, and contentious politics. All of which is fueling greater unrest. Further, the slanted or inaccurate information being presented in the news, internet and all forms of social media is promoting doubt or even disgust in the social systems which we once believed to be trust worthy. The fear and panic all this generates, in addition to the health threat from the pandemic crisis, now defines our present decomposing reality. How do we discern truth when there is no definable truth? We are witnessing a breakdown of society and the cost is the loss of dignity, human decency, integrity of humanity and hope for our future. We find ourselves looking down and around us, consumed with worry and not looking up to You, in whom we know to place our trust. Please Lord, forgive us and have mercy. We now look to You and pray for an end to all the civil unrest displayed in violence, mocking hatred to those with dissenting opinions, and the destruction and damage of communities left in ruin. Nothing can be resolved in this volatile atmosphere, yet people persist. Come Lord Jesus, lead us back to You before all hope is lost.

Lord, we grieve for the cause of this, as our hearts break for any injustice, any form of brutality by anyone, thus we ask you into the hearts and minds of all. Please be merciful. Remove any blinders of those acting out in malice. Let America reconcile itself back to You. Please guide the leaders of this nation toward rational thought, affirming steps toward reconciliation, resolutions, truth, dignity and most of all peace. Let us come together to find solutions, not create more problems. Please Lord, help us for we cannot do anything of value without You. We need You. Let your love for all mankind be the antidote for hatred, bitterness or rage. Let rational discussion come back into our communities. Let us recognize truth. Let us see one another as You do, through eyes of compassion, love, understanding and concern.

Break down the walls of hatred and divisiveness Lord, for we know who the real enemy is. It isn’t a singular person, organization, group or political party. It is the evil one who has gained a foothold in our world and only by your grace can we stand firm and remain honorable, righteous and protected. Only through Your love can true reconciliation come. AMEN.

Blessed are all who take refuge in You, Lord God.

Ref. Psalms 2:13

Lord, we also pray for all Christians around the world, especially for those being persecuted and mistreated because of their faith in You. May we all stand united, unified as one, in the body. Let us all be strengthened by Your Spirit. Let our collective light shine brightly, like a city on the hill. Let us stand up for the righteous truth of who You are and who You say we are. Allow us to see one another as you do, through the lens of love for all mankind. We are all your children. Let us have a hand in restoring dignity, respect and peace to our nation and elsewhere. I pray all these things in your mighty name, Jesus.


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A Christian author with a deep faith in Jesus and sincere belief in His awesome salvation! The power of prayer in her life has been so uplifting and life changing, she hopes to help others recognize the amazing gift the Lord gives by allowing us all to connect to Him directly through prayer. Writing Awards: 1st Place Poetry Winner, Published Author Category - 2015 Colorado Christian Writer's Conference - 2016 Short Story Winner entitled, Payback, published in - Tales of our Lives: Fork in the Road, from

7 thoughts on “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

  1. Beautifully written Maria. Thank you for the reminder to pray for our leaders who are making decisions on daily basis and for our President, as our nation is so divided with all sorts of issues. Also, for this fear that has spread more rapid than the virus itself.
    We as sons and daughters of the Living Christ need to be bold and share the Gospel at every opportunity, for the time of the Lord is at hand.
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting Life.John 3:16
    I’m also going to print this so I can lift up these requests to Our Mighty Father in Heaven.
    God Bless you,

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  2. Maria, your prayer for our nation is powerful. Surely not one person could be offended by your beautiful words of petition to God. Thank you. I do feel comforted. I am reminded that I must stay the course as I live a life of representing the love and peace of Jesus Christ.


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