Seek His Face

Did you really take a look at this photograph? If not, please do. Can you see His face?

You might think this image fabricated or retouched. However, I attest that it is an unaltered photograph taken with my smartphone from my balcony a few years back.

That particular afternoon, I had stepped outside after praying and praising God, feeling particularly uplifted with a sense of God’s grace upon me from the time I spent in prayer and the personal revelations it awarded me. Thankful and content, I breathed deep and took in the glorious sunset, immersed in its awesome beauty – another day ending, strikingly manifested against the backdrop of God’s creation. It was so beautiful, I simply had to take a picture. It wasn’t until after reviewing the image that I saw the enormous face reflected in the clouds. When I did, my heart leapt in an acute awareness that God is far more immense than I could ever humanly fathom. Truly, I believe it to be something affirming from God.

God Is Greater Than We Can Imagine!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. (1 Chronicles 16:11 NIV)

Look up! He is there. He is in the clouds on display and in the midst of your trials. He is not only in the trenches, but He is holding your hand, He is whispering comforting truth to your heart, and leading the charge in your victories. He is everywhere and His glory is all around you.

Let this moment be a time when you become aware of God’s presence within you and all around you. Tune out the clamor of the world and tune into seeking God in the calm and clarity of a single thought: God is always reaching out to you in love. Be still, acknowledge Him, accept His love, and let this truth transform your perspective and your life.


My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek (Psalms 27:8 NIV)

Lord Jesus, it is your face, your presence we seek, for in You we are humbled, comforted, at peace and made complete. Nothing compares to You. Thank You for loving us, for showing us how vast and deep your desire is to make yourself known to us, in order to give us encouragement and hope. May your name be praised forever and ever.

It is in Your name, We pray


Have you experienced a miracle similar to this? Has the Lord shown himself to you in a unique way? Do you need prayer? Confidential prayer or comments can be emailed to me at:

Published by mjrodero

A Christian author with a deep faith in Jesus and sincere belief in His awesome salvation! The power of prayer in her life has been so uplifting and life changing, she hopes to help others recognize the amazing gift the Lord gives by allowing us all to connect to Him directly through prayer. Writing Awards: 1st Place Poetry Winner, Published Author Category - 2015 Colorado Christian Writer's Conference - 2016 Short Story Winner entitled, Payback, published in - Tales of our Lives: Fork in the Road, from

5 thoughts on “Seek His Face

  1. I have seen the shape of God’s hands in the clouds as I was feeling broken one day. It was such an encouragement to me, like a personal message from Him telling me I was safe in His hands. Thanks for the likes at
    God bless your week

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